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G.R.I.T | Great Resilience is Transformative

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Meet Our Founder

Pearls on! Swords up! Music has a way of empowering us that's why WOTG is working with Victoria Renée to create an entire album of GRIT songs!

Two down, more to come!  View now >

Latest Projects

Edie Hand's "Women of True Grit" book, documentary, and vignettes series.

          Storytelling by Women of True Grit to inspire and share tools to help            make life better.

FedEx True Grit 


True Grit – Stories from FedEx female leaders is about taking those tough times in life and turning them into motivation for excellence. By reading this book, you get an inside view into the lives and careers of amazing women who have overcome adversities in order to excel. You will walk away from this book with real life examples of how to grow from any challenge and likely feel as though you have made 17 new friends along the way.

Our American Stories
This year Edie Hand brings some of her “Women of True Grit” stories to the airwaves via the hit radio show, Our American Stories. Edie’s decades of experience and friendships combine to bring stories of dedication, innovation, and perseverance to over 2.5 million listeners across 220+ stations.


To me, life is a string on which we hang our pearls.  We all have been given pearls of life, we just have to recognize them through acts of kindness.

Edie Hand


We're building a community of resilient women. 

Women Holding Hands


Help us reach more women

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Let's become a True Grit Sisterhood of paying life forward with kindness to all.

Edie Hand

Women of True Grit

Women of True Grit™ (WOTG) is dedicated to inspiring and motivating women of all ages to achieve more through inspirational stories, mentorship, and community.

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