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The Women of True Grit ™ Podcast will debut soon. Like the Women of True Grit™ books and interviews, listeners will hear some amazing stories on how women persevered and overcame obstacles to achieve their goals and dreams. We invite you to listen to the podcast trailer below. 

We Are Women of True Grit (Trailer)Women of True Grit Podcast
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The Women of True Grit ™ Podcast will be created by the producers of the Big on Small Podcast that was nominated for The People's Choice Podcast Awards after only 6 episodes. Listen to Edie's story as she shared her insights on life, love and GRIT! 


The Morning Cup of Faith Podcast hosted by Brenda Epperson-Moore and Shelley Anderson Myers recently spoke with Edie Hand about her current book and film projects, speaking engagements, and her faith. 

Please listen to this podcast on Apple Podcasts (look for the link on your Apple device) or you can visit the Morning Cup of Faith web page and find links there.


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Edie shared her “Women of True Grit” stories to the airwaves via the hit radio show, Our American Stories. Edie’s decades of experience and friendships combine to bring stories of dedication, innovation, and perseverance to over 2.5 million listeners across 220+ stations. 


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