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Sponsor Media Kit

Our Women of True Grit stories have a recurring theme that highlights great resilience and its transformative power. We strive to reach women through sharing stories of hope and lessons of life to
push through and find one's dreams.

These stories come from women in all walks of life including the worlds of business, entertainment, science, medicine, education, and health. They are relatable to women no matter their background or
their career path.

This program leverages a one hour documentary of Women of True Grit stories with Alabama Public Television Foundation and Alabama Broadcasters Association Foundation for radio/television (mainstream
media). We can offer sponsors placement within our one-minute and 30 second vignettes for radio and television. Placement helps lead back to the sponsor's website or specific landing pages. Additional marketing opportunities are available depending on your market needs. As a bonus Edie Hand can promote sponsors in the monthly Women of True Grit for a digital magazine published by the Nashville
Women in Film and Television.

The Women of True Grit ™ brand is perfectly timed and represents a unique opportunity for anyone seeking to help empower women.

Our Mission

Alabama Public Television

"I believe that the feature length documentary telling the inspiring stories of Alabama Women could inform as well as open up areas of discussion that are important to the viewers of Alabama's Public Television's statewide educational television network, with coverage that reaches an estimated 1.9 million households and a weekly tune-in estimate at 14.9%"

Edie Hand is surrounded by Dill Productions Filming crew for Women of True Grit series

Alabama Broadcasters Association

"We are excited that you might provide financial support for a series of vignettes, similar to public service announcements, to air on Alabama radio and television stations. We would lift female voices and tell their stories through our Public Education Partnership (PEP) program."

Let's become a True Grit Sisterhood of paying life forward with kindness to all.

Edie Hand

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